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April 10, 2009

There’s disappointing news about The Star Shard. At the very last stage before acceptance, it was rejected by the people who control the purse strings.

As many of you know, the book was under very serious consideration at a large, first-rate publishing house. I had heavily revised the book with the help of an editor there who believed in it enough to invest a significant amount of his time in pro bono work, making careful notes for me on changes he’d like to see. Last fall and winter, I did an overhaul of the story following his suggestions, and we all felt the book became much better.

Then my agent made a long list of detailed notes for recommended improvements, and I did yet another draft. With this invaluable help from two industry professionals, The Star Shard reached its best shape yet, and everyone was excited about it.

The editor at [Big Publisher] loved what I’d done with the project. He quickly gained the enthusiasm of the editorial director there. There was whole-hearted support from the editors. But then on Wednesday, the sales and marketing people overruled them.

I guess I’m not supposed to get into particular reasons in this public forum. In short, it’s a reflection of the corporate world and probably the economic times we live in. It’s just incredibly frustrating that the book got so far as completely winning over the editors, who ought to be the decision-makers.

I just want to commend the work of my agent and the selflessness of that stellar editor at [Big Publisher]: the latter gave of his time and expertise to make a book better, without compensation, and you see the “respect” these people get from their marketing departments. This is a guy who loves the stories and the storytellers, and does what he can to prosper them, beyond the bounds of salary and job description.

Anyway, Lord willing, this is just a temporary setback. We still have the same book to send around–the book that lots of good people have helped to make better, and the story that many Cricket readers have responded to with enthusiasm. My agent already knows where the book is going next.

It’s “about the tenth hour” (4:00 p.m.) on Good Friday as I’m writing this. In our journey toward Easter, the Lord has finished His work for us. Now come the closed book, the dark emptiness, and the tomb.

But Easter is ahead.