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Happy Birthday to Us!

April 24, 2009
Old Oak Road, where I grew up

Old Oak Road, where I grew up

Yes, we have reached the one-year mark: the first anniversary of the launching of this blog! It’s been a year of listening to Fred talk — heartfelt thanks to those of you who are still here!

I suppose this is a good time to look back, reflect, and ask for your help in shaping the things to come. What have been your favorite kinds and elements of postings? What have you tolerated — what have you actively disliked? I’d greatly value all opinions. The blog has thus far consisted of:

reflections on the writing life

games and discussion starters



personal updates

What would you like to see more/less of? Are there suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered?


Ice Storm, 2006

Ice Storm, 2006

Today in Writing:

I’m writing again, which feels very good after an unproductive stretch. 926 words yesterday, 1,486 today — not quite up to NaNoWriMo speed yet, but getting there! I think this is going to be a novelette for a teen/adult audience: I thought it was going to be a new story targeted at Cricket, but the story keeps wanting more depth, length, and complexity.

Two friends and I named our road by: 1. thinking up the name, 2. circulating a petition, and 3. taking it to the city council.

Two friends and I named our road by: 1. thinking up the name, 2. circulating a petition, and 3. taking it to the city council.

Since we’re having a birthday party here, I’m going to dissolve into levity again, as we all don our conical party hats, throw confetti around, eat too much cake (Hey, look, you guys! — A blog-shaped cake!), and dodge one another’s party horns (what do you call those things that you blow into and they shoot out like frogs’ tongues?). Awhile back, someone forwarded me one of those cyber-amusements in which there were a bunch of clever answers to the question “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The answers, as I recall, were mostly political . . . such as “‘It was all about change.’ — President Obama” and “‘What do you mean by ‘cross’? What do you mean by ‘road’? — President Clinton.”

I started thinking of possible answers from more literary figures and even fictional characters, and what follows are — to the best of my knowledge — my original shenanigans. This is definitely a call for reader participation. Entertain us all with your own answers! But I warn you, it’s like eating potato chips: once you start, you’ll be coming up with these all day, so you’d better go get a little notepad right now and stick it into your pocket.

So: Why did the chicken cross the road?

“Because the road was there.” — Sir Edmund Hillary

“Because the road crossed him first. It wasn’t personal, it was business.” — Michael Corleone

“Let us first eliminate the reasons the chicken did not cross the road, and I believe our answer will present itself.” — Sherlock Holmes

“Don’t ask that question. You’re too close. I’m telling you, back off.” — The Smoking Man from The X Files

“Sorry, no spoilers. You’ll have to wait and see.” — J.K. Rowling

“Probably for the same reasons I do. Someday I will meet this chicken in the field.” — Alexander the Great

“Well, if the chicken wanted to, that’s . . . okay. If we start pointing fingers at the chicken, that’s three fingers pointing back at us, and a thumb pointing . . . up at God, I guess. Or something.” — Stuart Smalley

“Ambhthmgybm  anmh bhyxlhmnb! Heh, heh!” — David Bowie

“Why? Why?! Why . . . wouldachicken . . . crossaroad?! Spock — Bones — I want ANSWERS!” — Captain James T. Kirk

“That’s no chicken. If you’ll take a look through the glasses, you’ll see it is, in fact, a gray-throated warbler finch.” — John James Audubon

Okay, have fun! Thanks for coming. I’m going back for more cake. . . .