The One Thing Wrong With Your Writing

Hello, all! Mr. Brian Wasko, founder of, ran my essay as a guest post on his blog today! If you’re interested, please check it out at:

(If there’s a new post up by the time you get there, just scroll back until you find me.) This will also give you a look at the company I’ve started working for. They provide writing instruction and encouragement to (primarily) homeschooled students. Brian does an incredible job of updating his blog nearly every day. He discusses all sorts of interesting issues related to writing and the use of English — well worth following, even if I weren’t a guest there!


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5 Responses to “The One Thing Wrong With Your Writing”

  1. GrouchyGaijin Says:

    Congratulations Fred! That is a nice article.

  2. Daylily Says:

    Great essay, Fred! I wish you all the best as a writing coach and in your own writing!

  3. tandemcat Says:

    Good to see that the basic principles that have guided your writing all these years are still intact!

  4. morwenna Says:

    Fred, wonderful essay!

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