We interrupt the ordinarily somnolent flow of this blog to announce that it is official: my story “The Bone Man” has been nominated for the International Horror Guild Awards for mid-length fiction! You can read about it and see what else is on the ballot at:

There’s also a little more information about “The Bone Man” on the blog of John Joseph Adams, the assistant editor of Fantasy & Science Fiction, at:

Also, while I’m doing commercials, Cricket‘s tech people got the bugs ironed out on their site, so the replies there are once again nicely paired with the reader letters they’re answering:

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled blog. . . .


3 Responses to “Nomination”

  1. Lizzie_Borden Says:


  2. Tandemcat Says:

    And more congratulations!!! You’ve worked hard for this, and you deserve it!!!

  3. An Old Horror Hand Says:


    I’d like to note that I was the first to predict the accolades that this story would be receiving, and it was on my “Best of the Year” list first. πŸ™‚

    But since I’m posting anonymously, I can do that and remain humble. πŸ˜‰

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