Unveiling, and Some Introductions

What’s that I just handed you? It’s a virtual cigar! (Well, my avatar just handed it to your avatar. Trust me. I saw them talking under the virtual streetlamp up the block.) Why am I handing out virtual cigars? Why, to announce the birth of my all-new website! You are the first to know about it! It’s so new, not even the Web crawlers have sniffed it out and slithered back to report it to their master, the Lord of Search Engines. If hit counters are to be believed, you can still be among the first hundred visitors! The URL is:


I appreciate all constructive comments! (I appreciate them almost as much as enthusiastic support!)

Next, I’d like to tell you about three names to look for–three writers to watch. I can name names, because they all have public presences on the Web. In fact, they’re all just a mouse-click away, over there at the right of your screen, in the Blogroll. See them? We’ll go in alphabetical order:

Gabriel Dybing is a scholar just finishing up his Master’s. His passion and expertise lie in the epic sagas of the ancient North. Yes, I mean Vikings. His blog can tell you all about it, but he’s done a tremendous amount of research in this field, and he brings it all to bear when he weaves fiction of the mists and the rocks, the dark fjords, the enchantments and monsters. He tells us of hardy folk who–with sinew, blood, valor, and honor–wrest a living from their mysterious and starkly beautiful world. The great teachers of writing tell us to write what we know. Gabe goes one better: he knows his subjects, certainly–but more, he writes what he is. These tales are of his heritage and in his blood.

Nicholas Ozment has been called a “Mark Twain for our times”–if Mark Twain had had an even darker, more twisted side, and more of a penchant for ghosts and things that snarl in the night. Nick is adept at both long and very, very short forms, and his material ranges from science-fiction to horror to fantasy to poetry to humor to dramatic scripts to podcasts [pause for deep breath] . . . to pop-culture reviews to scholarly essays to literary fiction. . . . In short, he writes pretty much everything, and writes it well. He has been widely published in both print and on-line venues. He’s a college professor and, oh yes, also the editor of the magazine Ozment’s House of Twilight.

Michael Tresca knows the world of role-playing games (both on- and off-line) like no one I’ve ever met. He is the prolific author of gaming materials, articles, and reviews. His fiction includes fantasy, horror, and humor. Moreover, he delivers nail-biting suspense in a genre that blends technology, Lovecraftian horror, politics, and conspiracy theory.

Yes, I have the honor of calling these three guys friends, but I’d be reading them regardless. Watch for their names. I predict that you’ll be seeing a lot more of them, and I don’t mean in my blog.


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4 Responses to “Unveiling, and Some Introductions”

  1. John Says:

    Very nice. Now all you need is to add your picture at LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com/author/durbinfrederics) and your fame will be complete!

    You might want to consider making a graphic for the title (“Frederic S. Durbin’s The Threshold of Twilight”) of the blog. On my browser it’s being rendered with Helvetica/Arial and it looks kind of bland compared to the nice typeface used for the buttons.

  2. John Says:

    sigh… pay no attention to the smiley (winky?). It was the computer’s idea, not mine.

  3. Chris Says:

    Welcome to the “Internets”. Remember, in the inimitable words of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), so don’t get stuck in one!

    The sub-pages seem to have a clean, neat design, but the “Splash Page” is kinda hard to look at for too long! Very green. And you are old enough to remember what happens when you stare at a green monitor for too long!

    From what we hear in the world o’ High Tech, the world is all about the “Web 2.0”, so as long as you’ve got the blog in tandem, you’re golden!

    What’s next? The Fred Durbin MySpace page? How ’bout some YouTube entries? 🙂

  4. I smelled pink orchids Says:

    I agree the green is a bit much, and also agree the font could use some work, but otherwise I enjoyed the site and will be back checking in on occasion.

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